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Our unique historical role playing game.

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The renowned fantasy role playing game.

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What others have said about Teudogar:
(some excerpts from emails, reviews, and forum postings)

  • "Best RPG I ever played."
  • "Terrific game. It's one of a kind. Does an amazing job at what it was intended to accomplish."
  • "Teudogar is definitively better than most of the games out there, commercial AAA projects included."
  • "One of the most original games I have come across."
  • "Immensely enjoyable!"
  • "Absolutely great! I can barely describe how much I love this game."
  • "Allows characters to do what they would do in the real world and then some. That's the awesome part about Teudogar, it's so much like a second life."
  • "Cannot wait to buy a sequel if its made with the same love and care that this title evidently had rubbed into it."
  • "Ich finde das Spiel einfach genial!"
  • "Quite simply one of the best games I've played in years. It has roleplaying (something sadly lacking in most other ROLEPLAYING games), excellent atmosphere, and great interaction both with the unique setting and with NPCS."
  • "I love the historical and non-fantasy environment of the game!"
  • "Different storylines, and classic role-playing. Very addictive."
  • "The most historically accurate RPG I ever saw."
  • "The gameplay is great, the story is original and compelling, and there is so much more to this game you can't explain it to someone...they just have to play it!"
  • "Schon die Demo von Teudogar hat mich wochenlang vor den PC gefesselt. Und als ich die Vollversion hatte, war ich vom Detailreichtum und den Handlungen fasziniert."
  • "Your game is great and refreshing."
  • "Very, very cool, just the kind of game I've been wanting!"
  • "Thank you so much for developing a game like this, old school style and very well priced!"
  • "In positivem Sinne 'back to the roots' und auch noch dermaßen liebenswert."
  • "Loved the game. Best thing in years."
  • "One of the best I've ever played. You should definitely make a sequel or another game along the lines of this one."
  • "I really, really, really like the atmosphere of this game."
  • "Das Spiel ist unglaublich gut!"
  • "I love the game, one of the best."
  • "This game is fantastic! Beats the life out of a hell load of RPG's out there."
  • "Buy it, you will be glad you did."
  • "It's great, I ate it up and asked for seconds."
  • "Your game is excellent, I really love it."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Teudogar."
  • "I really love the game."
  • "Your game is AWESOME!"
  • "Thanks for the hard work and a job well done."
  • "Vorzügliche Erfindung, in der Geschichte und Spiel hervorragend kombiniert wurden."
  • "Un jeu vraiment sympathique, très intéressant."
  • "contesto storico perfettamente ricreato e con meccaniche di gioco, per molti versi, davvero accurate"
  • "solid RPG experience with great combat and quest choices"
  • "I loved the way magic was done in the game and I liked how it was logically justified."
  • "One of the few games (especially single character games) where the combat gets better the longer you play."
  • "This game is deeper than it looks. And it is one of the best character-building systems I've met."
  • "All in all this game is one of the best games I've played. Very original ideas and content, implemented well."
  • "It's one of those 'Never see another like it again' games that is actually good to play."
  • "Teudogar is fantastic."
  • "One of the best I've ever come across."
  • "Sit back, and enjoy. Its a damn good RPG, with some great quests and dialogue."

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