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Our unique historical role playing game.

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The renowned fantasy role playing game.

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Your Advantages:

Great Software
easy to use, many features and options, bug-free and reliable, simple to install and de-install.

10,000 of Satisfied Users
We have been writing programs for more than 25 years, and our software is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Our existence depends on you being able to trust our software. Our software is 100% free of Malware, Spyware, Troians, Dialers, DRM, Viruses, or other pests.

Low Prices
Quality software at low prices.

Easy & Secure Ordering
SSL-encrypted data transmission, secure servers. Nobody except for the payment processing service of your choice will get to know your credit card number.

Instant Download
When you have submitted your order and payment, you can instantly download the full version of your software.

No Digital Rights Management, i.e., no spying and no limitations: You can install and use your Full Version on your PCs in any way you deem appropriate.

No Activation Needed
Can be installed and played instantly. No internet activation, no un-locking, no other kind of activation needed. Can also run on PCs without Internet access.

Install as Often as You Want
You can install, un-install, and re-install your Full Version on every computer you own, as often as you want to.

Can also be written to CD or USB stick
Once you have downloaded your Full Version, you can immediately install it. But you can also burn it onto a CD or DVD, or copy it onto a memory stick or SD card. It can be installed or run from almost any kind of medium.

Free Updates
From your User Account you can download the most recent version of your software at any time, and use it to update your current installation. Of course your data and saved games will remain in place, and you can continue to use them.

Buy Once, Use Forever
Your Full Version doesn't need to be activated or registered. It functions independent from its producer. You can install and uninstall it as often as you want. So, given suitable hardware and operating system, once you've bought and downloaded your Full Version, you can use it forever.

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